Friday, December 31, 2010

The queen of impatience..... I'm becoming a little...well a lot IMPATIENT!!!! I am obsessed with having a doesn't even have to be organized. I just like to know what is going on. We are praying for a huge transition right now. I can't share that information at this time, but will let you in on it as soon as I can. Just pray that the Lord's will happens in every way. The main thing that I have to remember right now is that Christ is in control. Even at times when I think my say might matter.......God's say overrules mine big time. We just want a sweet little one bad....really bad. On the bright side, I really love helping others. I was talking with a good friend lastnight on fb and she told me that her and her hubby were wanting to adopt domestically. I have another good friend that might can help her out I'm really excited to see what the Lord is going to do there. Oh...I can't believe I didn't mention that we finally met all of our requirments and were assigned a social worker. She is coming to our home in a few short weeks and then next month we will go and meet her in her town and finish everything up. I looked her up on fb ( I know.........I'm sneaky) and she is really pretty and looks nice. She even has a grandchild named Lily........I say wonderful minds think alike:) I have also become a blog-stalker..LOL. That sounds kinda scary. haha. But I have learned more from blogs than I have anywhere else. So many sweet adoptive parents have given me words of wisdom and advice through this journey. Jason and I really buckled down over the past couple of weeks (while I'm out for Christmas break) and finished up A LOT of paperwork. I think that's why the impatience has grown into a monster. I go back to work next week....and I won't have time to breathe muchless worry about anything. I can' t believe that this is the last day of 2010. I am claiming it this time next year...we will have our sweet baby girl! Happy new year everyone! 2011 is coming in fast and it's gonna be a year full of sweet surprises and blessings!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

New year is on it's way!!!!!!

I can't believe this year is already almost over. I am really excited about 2011 though....a lot of cool things will happen this year with our journey through adoption. Along with adoption....comes a little frustration...ok..a lot of frustration. I once read that adoption is not for the weakest of hearts....and I believe that now. Luckily, we have an awesome agency that we really like. As a teacher, I have many students that I would take in a second! So many of my sweet little ones read this blog continuously......and keep me on my toes. My kids are so smart........they are getting a strong understanding of geography to go along with the international adoption. So many of them ask me if Lily is born yet...and that they are wondering what she is's so sweet. The hardest part about being a teacher (especially when you are self-contained and not departmentalized) is that you form a little family and it's so hard to let them go. I am with them all day everyday and I love it. I really do wonder at times if Lily is born....and if she is....I hope that her birth parents or caretakers are taking care of her......and giving her lots of love. Our homestudy actually begins next month. We still have a small amount of paper work to complete...but not much at all. I am off work for the next couple of weeks so I plan to dive in and get the remaining documents completed. I am also getting a little break from college this month...wheewww. I started my Ed.S back in I'm very thankful for the small break. I figured it would be a good time to go back to school since we don't have kiddos right now. For those who read this for adoption info...I'm very sorry for not posting more. I will have more info. over the next few months. I spoke with my agency last week and I was just wondering about the waiting program. The cool thing about the waiting program is that you can view the children's profiles. Most children who are in this program have some type of special need. Most are easily corrected. At this time they do not have any in our age range. Jason is doing very well after his surgery! His surgery was on 9/16 and he has just started walking on his leg this past week. We are so thankful for his doctor and his quick recovery!!!!!! We had to put the adoption on hold for the past 4 months...but we are picking it all back up now. Please keep us in your prayers daily....and of course little Lily. I know the Lord has her in the palm of his sweet hands!!!!!!! I wish you all a Merry CHRISTmas!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A little bit of everything.....

Hello everyone! We have almost completed all of the paperwork required for our homestudy. Our homestudy will begin in January.....we are waiting a little while since Jason recently had knee surgery. We have currently started planning some great fundraisers for next year! We bought a house so that we could make some room for little Lily when she gets here. I am going to decorate her room in Shabby chic! I got an adorable antique dresser that my mother and I are going to crackle paint (white and pale pink). As a teacher......she must have a good library at her I have started a mini-library for her. One of my sweet parents in my class this year bought me the book that Steven Curtis Chapman's wife's amazing! But if you get it....have plenty of tissues nearby. Another friend of mine (sweet Jamie) bought Lily her first Christmas cute! Since the adoption is super slow right now....I have decided to just blog about life from time to time! So you just never know what you might! If you are just a visitor passing through I hope that you find this blog somewhat helpful in your journey!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Exciting News!!!!!

Hello Everyone! Lily Fest was Friday night and it turned out so great! We had a very nice and super supportive crowd. Our event was pruned for the better....and extremely blessed! We raised $7,000 this weekend to go towards our baby girl. So many people took time away from their family to make this happen. It went so smoothly! When I was standing on stage looking out at each precious person I was so overwhelmed.....I just couldn't hold the tears back. To see that there are people who care about a baby they have never met. That there are people who don't mind to reach in their pockets and donate to enrich the life of a family that they may only know in passing. This event encouraged my heart! It showed the sacrifices that special individuals are willing to take...they inspired me to help others and to love more deeply. Eryk Anders was awesome...he went over and beyond what was expected. Mark Price and Buddy Mullins did an awesome job leading worship to open the event! Gadsden Christian Fellowship has been so gracious to us and full of love! Our families have been extremely supportive of our adoption from the very beginning. Thanks again for everything! The Gadsden Times, Z93, The Anniston/Gadsden Christian Magazine, and The Carl Brady Show on TV 24, and Ronnie Watkins Ford....have all supported us and made time to support Lily! I love to see local businesses that really care! Over the past couple of weeks we have randomly bought a few things for sweet Lily.....since she will more than likely speak Mandarin......then we just know that she is going to love Ni Hao So we bought her a book the other day, and today we got her a sweet doll, and a yellow dress with Ni Hao Kai-Lan on the cute! The doll is wearing a green necklace that means "loved" in Mandarin. It's so sweet! My mom and sister loved them too! We will officially pay off our homestudy this week! YAY! That's one more step closer to officially being placed on the waiting list in Taiwan....and that's when the official wait begins! Please continue to pray for us! Much Love! Emily

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lily Fest UPDATE

Hello Everyone! Lily Fest is still on!!! Aug. 20th 6-8 at Gadsden Christian Fellowship.....MINUS Dr. Robert Bentley. Eryk Anders from the 2009 National Championship Team at Alabama will be there speaking on the importance of family and of course on some great football. There will also be a other former players there as well. The silent auction is growing daily! You guys have to come and check this out! God Bless!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lily Fest 2010

Hello Everyone! Rick and Bubba are helping us out by talking about our adoption on their show. They are going to advertise an autograghed Bolt's jersey that has been put on ebay. They also are putting the link on their website to make it easy for their fans to help out by bidding. We have also officially booked "Lily Fest 2010"!!!! It will be held at Gadsden Christian Fellowship from 6-8. Eryk Anders (football player from 2009 championship team at Alabama) will be there ready to talk and meet some fans. Our good friend Fred Sington (Former bama player) and of course me and my hubby will be there sharing our hearts and dreams as well. Uncle Sams BBQ will be catering the event and their food is so GREAT!!!! BBQ and sweet tea will only go so far down you better get a ticket! Tickets with a meal included are $50 and tickets without meal (silent auction and speakers only) are $40. We are only selling a limited number of tickets so you need to let me know ASAP if you are interested in joining the event. The silent auction is FULL of awesome autographed memorbilia. Please email me for tickets: We are so excited how everything has fallen into place! The Lord is so GOOD...ALL THE TIME!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Well...a lot has happened over the past couple of weeks. We met with VH earlier this week to go over LOTS of paper work and to discuss the homestudy process. They were incredibly sweet and understanding. As soon as we get the homestudy completed...they will send it to our agency. Once the agency receives our homestudy, they will send it to Taiwan and then we will be placed on the waiting list (if I'm understanding this correctly). So...once we are placed on the official waiting list it usually takes a year or so to receive a referral. In other words....I've gotta get some serious paperwork completed and fast. We also owe $6000 by the end of the! Good luck to myself:). If anyone is interested in adoption or has a question about anything.....please feel free to email me! I know that I have learned SO MUCH from other blogs! Well folks that's all for now!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We've been working on the application for a few days now! Finally, after speaking to our sweet agency and asking close to a million questions it's complete. Jason got up this morning and overnighted the documents to Portland. My husband is incredible! I spoke with our social worker yesterday and I have now started another application for that process. We are getting all of the certificates we need as well as passports this week. Our agency said that the adoption process is planned to be around 1 1/2 to 2 years. Which is actually A LOT shorter wait than I originally suspected. It could be shorter or way's just something that can't be predicted. We are so EXCITED to actually begin the LONG AWAITED PROCESS OF BRINGING OUR LILY HOME! The silicone bracelets that we ordered a couple of weeks ago should be in on July 2nd. You can purchase those with any donation. We ordered hot pink, glow green, and patriotic swirl! This past Sunday was the first time that Jason and I have spoken to our church family about the adoption! Gadsden Christian Fellowship is such an AWESOME church family! We raised almost $3,500!!!!!! A sweet man that was visiting that morning gave us a 10th of what we need!!! Such a blessing!!!! We are still on the rise to raising the amount needed!We love you all!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We Have Finally Made Our Minds Up :)

After doing who knows how many hours.........of research we have finally made our minds up. We are sticking with Taiwan and we are planning to work with an agency out west. They answered every question we could possibly come up with and we meet all of their requirements! We are sooooooooooo excited to finally start the actual process! We will officially apply on June 16th! YAY! We are in the process of ordering bracelets to sell as a fundraiser. Jason is working on getting a video together to share with everyone. We are now ready to start sharing our hearts at any local church that will have us. We are going to kick off the journey to Lily~Wynn at our home church Gadsden Christian Fellowship (GCF). We will also be having a benefit concert at GCF this summer! There may be some other exciting events to raise money that everyone would definitely want to be a part of! Please pray for us!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Details, details, details :)

Hello Everyone! So many generous people have donated monetary gifts to our adoption fund over the past two weeks! We now have around $1,200 dollars to go toward our sweet baby! We have been praying about some very important details over the past couple of weeks. We are seriously considering a Southern Korean adoption over Taiwan at this time. We are also not going to set a particular date to apply. It may even be next summer before we can fill out the initial applications. I was a little down at first, but through prayer and lots of support I believe that the Lord's timing is always perfect! Waiting another year will allow us the time and opportunites to meet our $30,000 goal. Please continue to pray over us and our decisions. I love u all and truly appreciate your support! I would like to mention a sweet lady that wrote us a $1,000 check to go toward our adoption. I will not mention her name but I want everyone to know that she gave not knowing the security in her position at her job. I want you to know how much you have touched our hearts and others that I have shared this with. I love you so much! You have inspired me to give and to plant seeds in others! :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moving Right Along....

Hi Everyone....I told you the blogs would be! Nothing much has changed at this point, but it's all moving in a great direction. We are still planning to apply next! We have recently started officially raising money for the adoption. This summer we plan to go to some local churches and speak/sing. I recently let my AES school family in on the big news. I received so many encouraging emails that really meant so much! I have been doing a lot of agency research lately before we send in our official application next month. Jason is doing very well after his surgery. He still hurts quite often so please keep him in your prayers. We will find out if he is going to have another surgery this summer (in a couple of weeks). Well...that's about it for now! Love u all! God Bless, Emily

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just a quick word......

Well...Jason had knee surgery last week. Please continue to pray for his healing. I have a peace within me because I know that everything is going to be fine. I serve a HOLY God that has everything under control. In 4-6 months the doctors in B'ham plan to do one more major surgery. They really believe that this is going to be the last. We are still planning to apply for adoption this summer. It may be at a later date though. We are just taking everything one day at a time. We are on the Lord's when it all works will be wonderful and right on time. I am such a blessed individual. I have the sweetest husband anyone could ever ask for. I can honestly say that I love him more now than I did the day I married him. I love my family! Both mine and Jason's parents are precious in every way. We have so much support in every aspect of our lives. I also have to mention my students. I teach the coolest, most loving, compassionate, sweetest third graders in the nation. I would adopt them if I Well....that's all for now folks! Just keep praying for us....and know that I love each of you with all of my heart! God Bless, Emily

Friday, February 19, 2010

Great News!

The adoption agency we are interested in told me yesterday that we meet the requirements to adopt from Taiwan.....(sigh of relief) :).....I also spoke with a local social worker today. We will begin our homestudy process this June as well. Our focus now is-TO RAISE SOME MONEY! The first few fees are going to be in the thousands....WOW! I'm like ....HELLO I'M A TEACHER......NOT A MILLIONAIRE ...HAHA! But it is completely worth it in every way. I am going to figure out how to put PayPal on this page so that you all can donate that way. If you feel called to donate, you can also contact us through email. Every penny will add up. If you can donate $10.00 it will be a blessing! Please spread the news!!!! I love you all very much! If we are blessed with a baby girl....we know the name....if it's a sweet baby boy......not so sure....we're still thinking on that! I would love for everyone to become followers. To leave a comment or to become a follower you need to create a profile. It's free and so easy! Post some good name ideas!!!!! So excited:)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First Bump in the Road

I was told today that a lot of Taiwan adoption agencies have put a hold on American adoptions. I really hope there isn't much truth to this. I have sent out a couple of emails and hope to hear something back soon. I was also told that the few orphanages that are still open to adoption here require you to be 30 years old. :( This is the exact reason that we decided against adopting from China.....I really don't want to wait that long. I know that the Lord has everything under control! I really just want to get this process going!!!! SUCCESSFULLY! Please pray that the Lord has favor with us............Much,!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Calling

Hi Everyone! Jason and I are excited to get the adoption process rolling. We are planning to adopt a baby from Taiwan. We are going to apply this June. YAY! It is going to be a VERY long process. For the next several months there will probably not be very many posts due to everything being slow right now. As you all know, international adoption is incredibly expensive. I believe that the Lord is going to supply every need. Jason and I will be speaking at different churches about our new journey and the process that is involved. I will also be singing some songs that the Lord has placed on my heart. We pray that friends and family will donate to this fund. We are in the process of opening an account at Family Savings Credit Union that all who feel called can donate to. We would love to sing and speak at any of your churches. If you are interested, you can contact me via email Please continue to pray for us! We love you all and will keep you posted!!!

"I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. So now I give him to the Lord. For his whole life he will be given over to the Lord."1Sam. 1:27-28