Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hope for the Hopeless

Hello Everyone! I would like to thank each one of you for taking the time to read my blog...I was totally shocked when I saw how many people from countries all around the world that have been reading this. I am sorry that I haven't kept it more updated. Now that I'm out for the summer I will certainly do a better job. If you have any questions about adoption, please feel free to email me at I don't know the answer I will try my best to find it. One of the biggest steps of our adoption to this point was finding the perfect agency.....I can't even express how many hours that my husband and I put in research to find the right one. There probably is no such thing as a PERFECT agency....but there is definitely an agency that the LORD has for you. I can honestly say that I feel HH is totally perfect. I feel this way because they love Christ and openly make decisions based on prayer and what is best for each baby there. We are so blessed to be on there waiting list. I remember just a matter of months ago feeling so sad and helpless. It seemed as though every agency had some crazy rule that kept us from meeting requirements to adopt with them. Some moments I even felt like maybe we weren't in God's perfect timing because nothing seemed to be going as planned. BOY WAS I WRONG! I was reading blogs....LOL....and came across HH. And from that moment the Lord has opened every door and window around to make this a smooth sailing process. God is good and I can't say it enough. If you are feeling down and out, please don't give up. There are so many homes and agencies out there that we don't even know about that are just waiting on you to contact them. Just pray about it and continue to research and read blogs. Pray for a divine appointment with the right place. Jason and I can't wait to see our little girl for the first time! She will be worth the wait......we all have to remember that Jesus provides perfect timing.....He is the only thing that is PERFECT after all. Be blessed everyone! Be still and know that I am God...Psalm 46:10

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer is here!

As a teacher, the hardest part is saying goodbye come the end of May. These kids become such a huge part of my life. I can't even express how special they are to me. The students and their parents are like family and I learn so much from them. Every little hug and smile makes each day brighter. If you want to feel loved...become a teacher. Those babies will love you to pieces. I love my job and l love my kids. Throughout college I felt that I would go into the classroom and teach the kids....but I had no clue of all the little things they would teach me. I love differently because of them. It was in the classroom that my heart grew for adoption. I tell my students everyday that I love them...that I believe in them...and that I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that they will do amazing things in their life! I believe there is power in the words we speak and I strive to speak great things over them! These little ones are going to change this world for good! They are special and they are loved!!!!!!!!!! Here is a little info. on our adoption process-We recently found out that we were cleared through immigration! We were so happy that the process went so fast! Now we are just waiting on a's all in the Lord's hands....I wouldn't want it anywhere else! Be blessed everyone!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Scrapbooking...and a little info...

We applied for our i600a a couple of weeks ago. Soon after we received a letter by mail stating that they would send us some fingerprinting cards along with a time and date to get them done soon. HH is moving into a new facility that means more room and more sweet babies! It would be such a blessing to receive a referral by's all in the Lord's timing. Jason and I have such a peace about HH. We trust and believe in this ministry! Our information has to go thru the AL icpc office before immigration. Our goal is to have this portion of paperwork completed and be cleared through immigration before we receive a referral. The sooner that is clear...the less time our little one will have to wait. I have met so many precious families online that have adopted or are in the process of adopting from HH. We are so excited to see what the Lord has planned this year! Jason and I recently went to Hobby Lobby and bought Lily's scrapbook. We plan to share her life story with her often. It will be full of the adoption process and of course her culture and heritage. Some of our closest friends are planning a Tea at our church as an adoption fundraiser! I have never seen a tea like this done before. All of the tables will be decorated in different themes....I will post pics of everything! The tea will be April's going to be great!

Friday, January 28, 2011

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy to say that we got an email from Taiwan lastnight.....and we were approved to adopt from His Hands Taiwan! I can't even express what a divine appointment this is! Jason and I decided that we wanted to change agencies back in Dec......we just were not sure where to start. And then we came across His Hands and I saw a blog that caught my attention on the HH page. As a teacher, I really enjoy reading other people's stories! I sent this sweet girl that looked to be somewhere close to my age a request on fb, and we have so much in common! We are both teachers, love the Lord, and our b'day's are even on the same! ended up that she helps out at the home we applied to adopt from (now tell me that's not the Lord at work)! We got our approval letter, but are not sure where we are on the waiting list! We should find out in the next few weeks.......GOD IS JUST SO GOOD! I'm so excited that I feel like this post isn't making much sense.......! We are so blessed to work with such a precious ministry! We plan to apply for immigration on Monday! So...let the fundraising begin:) LOVE U ALL!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Homestudy Visit #2

Yesterday was our 2nd homestudy visit. Everything went very well! We are officially finished with our we're just waiting for the rough draft to come in for review. Now it's time to apply for our I600a for immigration. We are still waiting on some info....that I CAN"T WAIT TO POST!!!!!! So just be patient with me....:) I have a feeling we will hear something soon! Be blessed everyone!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Complete change of heart....

At one time I would say that someone who gives up their own child is selfish.....boy was I wrong. These women are choosing LIFE! NOT ABORTION!!!!! Taiwan has more abortions than live births and unwed mothers are frowned upon and usually abandoned by everyone and everything they have ever known. These are brave women that are willing to stand up to the situation and do what is right. They are showing a true mother's love by being selfless. Adoption is such a wonderful thing and I have the deepest love for someone who is going to give my future baby the chance to live. Every life is worth fighting for. Today was the first chance that we got to meet our social worker. She came out for our homestudy visit #1. I couldn't of hand picked a better lady to work with. She is so nice and fun to be around. We will meet back up with her on Monday for visit #2 and the chance to discuss parenting.