Saturday, January 15, 2011

Complete change of heart....

At one time I would say that someone who gives up their own child is selfish.....boy was I wrong. These women are choosing LIFE! NOT ABORTION!!!!! Taiwan has more abortions than live births and unwed mothers are frowned upon and usually abandoned by everyone and everything they have ever known. These are brave women that are willing to stand up to the situation and do what is right. They are showing a true mother's love by being selfless. Adoption is such a wonderful thing and I have the deepest love for someone who is going to give my future baby the chance to live. Every life is worth fighting for. Today was the first chance that we got to meet our social worker. She came out for our homestudy visit #1. I couldn't of hand picked a better lady to work with. She is so nice and fun to be around. We will meet back up with her on Monday for visit #2 and the chance to discuss parenting.


  1. Yay for your first visit! Praying you will have a smooth and quickly approved home study!

  2. Thanks so much Annie! I am praying for you and your family....I know you are ready to have your baby girl!!!!! :)

  3. So glad that the first visit went so smoothly (I was a little worried knowing she would HAVE to meet Jason at some point...kidding)! Praying for Lily to come home soon!