Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We Have Finally Made Our Minds Up :)

After doing who knows how many hours.........of research we have finally made our minds up. We are sticking with Taiwan and we are planning to work with an agency out west. They answered every question we could possibly come up with and we meet all of their requirements! We are sooooooooooo excited to finally start the actual process! We will officially apply on June 16th! YAY! We are in the process of ordering bracelets to sell as a fundraiser. Jason is working on getting a video together to share with everyone. We are now ready to start sharing our hearts at any local church that will have us. We are going to kick off the journey to Lily~Wynn at our home church Gadsden Christian Fellowship (GCF). We will also be having a benefit concert at GCF this summer! There may be some other exciting events to raise money that everyone would definitely want to be a part of! Please pray for us!


  1. I wanna buy bunches of bracelets... If Jason needs help with the video, I would LOVE to help!

  2. Yay!!! That's awesome Amanda! We really appreciate you! Love you so much!!!!