Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moving Right Along....

Hi Everyone....I told you the blogs would be slow...lol! Nothing much has changed at this point, but it's all moving in a great direction. We are still planning to apply next month...wow! We have recently started officially raising money for the adoption. This summer we plan to go to some local churches and speak/sing. I recently let my AES school family in on the big news. I received so many encouraging emails that really meant so much! I have been doing a lot of agency research lately before we send in our official application next month. Jason is doing very well after his surgery. He still hurts quite often so please keep him in your prayers. We will find out if he is going to have another surgery this summer (in a couple of weeks). Well...that's about it for now! Love u all! God Bless, Emily

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  1. Glad to hear :) Sounds like all is moving forward.