Sunday, October 24, 2010

A little bit of everything.....

Hello everyone! We have almost completed all of the paperwork required for our homestudy. Our homestudy will begin in January.....we are waiting a little while since Jason recently had knee surgery. We have currently started planning some great fundraisers for next year! We bought a house so that we could make some room for little Lily when she gets here. I am going to decorate her room in Shabby chic! I got an adorable antique dresser that my mother and I are going to crackle paint (white and pale pink). As a teacher......she must have a good library at her I have started a mini-library for her. One of my sweet parents in my class this year bought me the book that Steven Curtis Chapman's wife's amazing! But if you get it....have plenty of tissues nearby. Another friend of mine (sweet Jamie) bought Lily her first Christmas cute! Since the adoption is super slow right now....I have decided to just blog about life from time to time! So you just never know what you might! If you are just a visitor passing through I hope that you find this blog somewhat helpful in your journey!

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