Tuesday, October 9, 2012

LILY IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!

I honestly can't believe this time in our lives has finally arrived!!!!!!! We have been back in the states for 2 weeks now. I have so much to talk about...I don't even know where to begin. I think I may just need to create multiple posts...lol. I will just start at the moment I met Lily for the first time. We actually got to meet her the same day we arrived in Taiwan. We flew into Taipei and got on the HSR (High Speed Rail) to travel to Kaohsiung. Once we arrived at the HSR station, we met our amazing little girl and the awesome His Hands family we have waited so long to meet. I literally saw them and dropped my luggage (including Lily's diaper bag...which had ALL my money in it). When I held her for the first time, words can't even describe the emotions I felt. She was so warm and snuggly. It was like she knew I was her mommy. From that moment we started to bond..and not long after she would cry for me. I was wearing a blue beaded necklace and that seemed to really calm her during the ride back to the orphanage. This process has been so long..but in that moment I PROMISE IT IS ALL WORTH IT! Lily has adjusted very well. We have been really focusing on bonding. No one except her daddy and I hold her and kiss on her right now. Mostly everyone has been very respectful of that. When you bring your baby home, don't be afraid to tell others what is best for your baby....if you just explain yourself family and friends will understand....they will want what's best for your little one too.  We have been through numerous adoption classes and they ALL say to focus on bonding and not to pass the baby around a lot. It is very confusing to them...especially when you want them to know you are mommy and daddy and not just another person holding them. We have been very blessed for so many to be respectful of our wishes and to love Lily so much. We can't wait for the day that everyone can hold our little angel. Taiwan was incredible! Good food and great people! It was awesome to be able to experience that culture. Thanks so much for ALL the prayers that have been sent up for us! God is so good and YES He is FAITHFUL!!!!!!!!! Lily is sitting beside me eating baby puffs...and now she is ready for me to get off the computer:). So...I will continue soon! Blessings!!!!!

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  1. “This process has been so long..but in that moment I PROMISE IT IS ALL WORTH IT!” - That's the best thing I've heard about people who adopt, and I couldn't agree more. While it's true that the adoption process could be exhausting and a long wait, the joy which the child brings pays all the effort. I'm happy for you and Lily to have each other. How is she now? Shandra @ GivingBirthToHope.org