Monday, June 18, 2012

No News Yet

Lily bug is snuggling her Eeyore!

Looking at her mommy and daddy!

Looking at her mommy and daddy in her sweet outfit mommy got at TJ Maxx!

As of today...we still haven't heard anything on Ms. Lily. Maybe tomorrow:). But on a brighter note her nursery is almost complete. She has a sweet little room decorated in shabby chic pinks, white, and green. When we get her pics up on the walls, I will post some pictures of her room. This little girl has a room full of adorable outfits and toys just waiting for her. We sent her a care package a few weeks ago....the pic I posted shows her snuggling her Eeyore toy we sent her. I have also been looking into travel costs and OH MY!!!!!!! Just because it's summer plane tickets are doubled! I have a friend who adopted back in Dec. and her ticket was around $1200....I have been checking around and it's looking like it's gonna be between $2200-$2700.....I hope I can come across some better prices before we do travel. Sorry this post is so random! haha...just had a few things I wanted to say! Talk with you all soon! Emily


  1. She is beautiful! Hope you get to hold her in your arms soon!!

  2. Thanks so much, Anne. We are so ready:) Blessings to you and your family!

  3. Hope hi really hope you hear good news soon

  4. Thanks so much everyone! She is home and we are SOOOOO blessed by this little angel:)

  5. Our daughter has been home with us for 2 weeks now....GOD IS GOOD and FAITHFUL:)