Thursday, October 11, 2012

Irish Twins.....

We are happy to announce that our little boy will be here soon. The most amazing thing is that...he is due on Lily's bday! WOW! I was shocked too. We feel so blessed and thrilled to be the parents of two little ones. I have had probably 10 billion people say....OH, IT ALWAYS HAPPENS THAT WAY...YOU ADOPT AND THEN YOU GET PREGNANT. Ok...let me clarify...we adopted because we were called to adopt. We always wanted to adopt first...and then maybe a year or two after Lily arrived home, we planned to try and have our own. Apparently the Lord had other plans....we are very blessed! I really wish that EVERYONE would get out of that mindset....that you can only adopt if you can't have your own children. Adoption is amazing regardless. Many people adopt for different reasons...but the cool thing that in the end an orphan finds a home. A home with a loving family. There are approx. 143 million to 210 million orphans worldwide.....we all need to come together and help find these little ones good loving homes. God bless each of you!


  1. I saw the title of this blog in another blog and I had to laugh. We are an almost-His Hands family. We live in Kaohsiung. Our little boy was going to be signed over to His Hands when we heard about his grandmother looking for a family. We wanted to adopt some day whether or not we had biological children, but at the moment we are from two different countries and living in a third so we thought it would be at a later point. But God opened up all sorts of doors and less than a month after hearing about this, our son was in our house (though the adoption paperwork took quite a bit longer). Five days after he came home, we found out we were pregnant with our daughter. A planned pregnancy and an unplanned adoption -- a bit of a twist on the usual way of doing things.

    They are actually a year and three weeks apart, and we are about to celebrate his second and her first birthday in the coming month. Since they are slightly over a year apart, I call them my Taiwan Twins rather than Irish twins. Let me tell you, I get quite a few stares pushing my double stroller around -- everyone tells me she looks exactly like me and that he must look like his dad, thinking I must be married to a Taiwanese man. But I was only 15 months apart from my brother, and it's a wonderful dynamic. My babies love each other so much and usually make each other so happy, despite the fact that the two year old thinks his sister's head is a percussion instrument. I pray that it is the same with your two as well and that God blesses you in this time of adjustment.

    Grace and peace,

  2. I always wanted to adopt from the get go. I also have a little girl but I know she is a part of the plan. She can't wait to be a big sister. We are adopting from Taiwan as well and look forward to reading your blog.

  3. hello! my husband and I are starting the adoption process and I found your blog :) I would love to know a little more about your journey when you have a free moment! We are wanting to adopt from Taiwan and trying to find the right placing agency. My email is