Saturday, September 28, 2013

$1 for 1 less orphan!!!!!!

Hi everyone!!!! The 1:1 Challenge kicked off tonight! Do you have $1 to spare???? Just 1 buck??????   My daughter came from Taiwan Xi En! They are incredible in every way....and they need your help!!!!! Due to the law changes with international adoption in 2012...they need to raise a large amount of money to stay open...facilitate adoptions....and care for mothers in crisis pregnancies! Can you please donate $1 to this challenge and share this on your blogs??? On Facebook??? And Twitter???? Let's come together and make a difference!!!! Blessings to you all!!!!!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thinking back........

We have had Lily home since last September and I still just can't believe it! I remember so many sad times when I didn't know if holding her in my arms would ever be a reality! If you are feeling that way right now.......please will pass and times will get better!!!!!! When you snuggle that precious  child the wait is really ......truly worth it! Hold your head up....YOU are a loved child of God! He's gonna take care of you!!!!!!! Lily and Baylor (my sweet boy who is 6 months) are just the lights of my life!!!!!!!!!! They are growing up so stinking fast. Lily looooooves to watch Doc Mcstuffins and Baylor likes The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! They are interacting with each other.....cute isn't even the right word! They are so funny to watch! I hope you all are doing great and making great progress in your adoptions!!!!!!! I love to hear your stories and know of one less orphan in the world!!!!!!!!!! Blessings!!!!!