Sunday, August 22, 2010

Exciting News!!!!!

Hello Everyone! Lily Fest was Friday night and it turned out so great! We had a very nice and super supportive crowd. Our event was pruned for the better....and extremely blessed! We raised $7,000 this weekend to go towards our baby girl. So many people took time away from their family to make this happen. It went so smoothly! When I was standing on stage looking out at each precious person I was so overwhelmed.....I just couldn't hold the tears back. To see that there are people who care about a baby they have never met. That there are people who don't mind to reach in their pockets and donate to enrich the life of a family that they may only know in passing. This event encouraged my heart! It showed the sacrifices that special individuals are willing to take...they inspired me to help others and to love more deeply. Eryk Anders was awesome...he went over and beyond what was expected. Mark Price and Buddy Mullins did an awesome job leading worship to open the event! Gadsden Christian Fellowship has been so gracious to us and full of love! Our families have been extremely supportive of our adoption from the very beginning. Thanks again for everything! The Gadsden Times, Z93, The Anniston/Gadsden Christian Magazine, and The Carl Brady Show on TV 24, and Ronnie Watkins Ford....have all supported us and made time to support Lily! I love to see local businesses that really care! Over the past couple of weeks we have randomly bought a few things for sweet Lily.....since she will more than likely speak Mandarin......then we just know that she is going to love Ni Hao So we bought her a book the other day, and today we got her a sweet doll, and a yellow dress with Ni Hao Kai-Lan on the cute! The doll is wearing a green necklace that means "loved" in Mandarin. It's so sweet! My mom and sister loved them too! We will officially pay off our homestudy this week! YAY! That's one more step closer to officially being placed on the waiting list in Taiwan....and that's when the official wait begins! Please continue to pray for us! Much Love! Emily

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lily Fest UPDATE

Hello Everyone! Lily Fest is still on!!! Aug. 20th 6-8 at Gadsden Christian Fellowship.....MINUS Dr. Robert Bentley. Eryk Anders from the 2009 National Championship Team at Alabama will be there speaking on the importance of family and of course on some great football. There will also be a other former players there as well. The silent auction is growing daily! You guys have to come and check this out! God Bless!